Joyful Heart

I was inspired to stop and think about the little things… to be reminded of the everyday joys that are ours. Here’s some of mine… maybe they’ll be a start to your own list 🙂

—a roof over my head

—pimiento cheese sandwiches (that’s all the baby wants this week).

—fuzzy socks

—the bathsoap my Momma gave me for Christmas that smells like peaches

—the unspeakable joy on a friend’s face when sharing good news

—laughing at a corny joke my little brother told me

—wax for my braces when I come home after a sore visit at the orthodontist office

—my husband’s strong hands that will massage my back when it’s tired of the baby’s weight (while using the AMAZING lotion my brother gave me).

—a walk on a pretty day

—the freedom to worship my Savior

—feeling our sweet baby do somersaults in my belly

—toenail polish

—my husband’s kisses (however, I’m afraid this isn’t a small joy… it’s a gigantic one).

—fluffy clouds

—a sweet text from my Daddy

—did I mention pimiento cheese sandwiches?

Find your own joys this week, start your own list, and put in a place where you can be reminded on a tough day.

It's a pimiento-cheese-sandwich kind of a week










joyful heart 🙂

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