Love Stories

Love stories… because HE is faithful and makes all things new!

To my sweetheart: Darling, you were so worth the wait. I’m so grateful to know that true love really does exist and you continue to show me how committed you are in our marriage every day. Thank you for your unconditional love… I love spending my life with you, and you are my Heaven on earth.

Our first Valentine's Day - 2010









To my parents: After 30 years of marriage, you continue to show the world what unconditional love & true commitment looks like. Always serving & honoring each other above yourself. What an incredible example you are… I love hearing you say “I’m more in love with your Dad than ever.” and “When I married your Mom, I married my best friend.”

30 years 🙂








To my grandparents (Pepaw & Memaw): After 56 years of marriage, you have truly lived the epitome of love. I loved watching you hold hands, share dessert, and hear your amazing engagement story. Your legacy to love deeply & faithfully lives on… Pepaw, you are so incredibly missed.  We are loving Memaw extra this Valentine’s Day… and I think we’ll even sing “Wild Thing” to her for you. You’re welcome 🙂

56 years... nobody kissed more than them!

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