Stretchy pants, please.

After a hectic weekend of childbirthing classes, and staying up with Josh during an intense work-night for him that ended at 1:30AM, I’m especially grateful for the opportunity to wear stretchy pants, an oversize shirt (that’s neon yellow, by the way), fuzzy socks, and sip a cup of hot chocolate this Monday morning (after the alarm clock reminded us that our day started 5 hours after going to sleep). Oh, the joys of being able to work from home today… Definitely not taking that for granted this morning. I’m so glad nobody has to see me… you should be glad too, trust me, haha.


Oh… for those who are wondering, we did graduate from our childbirthing class. We’re allowed to have our baby now, I’ve been told. 🙂 Now, if I can just remember all those breathing techniques when May rolls around… “hee-hee-hooooooo”.



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