Unforgettable, that’s what you are.

Always have a positive attitude. Work hard. Make time for fun playtime. Always make a memory. Serve your friends. Honor the Lord. Family comes first. Stay humble. Dunk your Oreos in milk. Laugh as much as possible. Do your best. Love your country.

Just a few of the of the lessons that my Pepaw lived out his entire life… therefore causing my life (and the lives of my Dad, aunt, siblings & cousins) to be molded at very early ages with the same characteristics… because, we all wanted to be like Pepaw. He was the rock of our family… the mighty oak tree that couldn’t be shaken… the one who was always available to give advice (which usually only came in a couple, well-placed sentences)… the one who could make you feel like you could do anything… the one who lived his life as one huge example.

As I’ve done every year (since his diagnosis of ALS in 2008), I’ll be walking in the ALS Walk of Hope next weekend. This time, however, holds many firsts. I’m married now… I’m 8 months pregnant… and it’s the first Walk of Hope where I won’t be able to call Pepaw when it’s over. Because, he’s with Jesus this year.

How I miss him. So much, it hurts. But, I’m more determined than ever to find a cure for ALS… so, if you’re in the Atlanta area next Saturday and are free – come join me. I’ll be the very pregnant woman near the back of the line who will be walking slowly. 🙂 If you’re unable to join, would you consider donating to the MD/ALS Association to help “make a muscle”… to find a cure? Thank you… Pepaw would give you his signature “thumbs-up” sign.

You can donate here: https://secure2.convio.net/mda/site/Donation2?idb=557556416&df_id=1441&FR_ID=1421&PROXY_ID=1079782&1441.donation=form1&PROXY_TYPE=20&JServSessionIdr004=e5t1c9q1c3.app213a

Pepaw, I know you’ll be watching from Heaven’s front-row seat… hug Jesus for me. I love you.

Pepaw & I at the 2009 Walk of Hope at the Braves Stadium

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