How to make a pregnant woman’s day.

I have learned how to make a pregnant woman’s day. I’m taking notes for when it’s my sister’s and BFF’s turns πŸ™‚ Take a quick read, and laugh with me. Being pregnant makes for a hilarious journey.

—pick up the keys they just dropped.

—open the door for them.

—if you’re walking with them, walk slow… slower than that… there, that’s better πŸ˜‰

—let them know when you’re passing a potty stop. They probably need to go, but feel bad stopping again, because you already did that for them 7 minutes ago.

—their feet are swollen, and they’re carrying 35 extra lbs that they normally don’t have. Offer them your seat, and you’ll be their best friend forever.

—offer to paint their toenails. They can’t reach their feet anymore, and freshly-painted toes makes them feel oh-so-girly.

—they’re operating on 2 brain cells… 3 if it’s a good day. Cut them some slack if they can’t remember where they parked… or even what color their car is.

—yes, they’d LOVE a glass of water. And, then remember to repeat #4 above.

—they’re eating for 2 people, so yes, they’ll take fries with that.

—they have a 7-lb weight sitting on their bladder… and sometimes bouncing on it. If a pregnant woman is behind you in line at the Ladies Room… let her go in front of you. Fact is, she is contemplating how on earth she is going to hold it for 60 more seconds. And when you’re pregnant, it’s impossible to cross your legs. Doesn’t work.

***3/21/12: updated tips from Moms who have been on this journey before me*** πŸ™‚Β 

—Tell her she’s never looked so beautiful… Then repeat that afterΒ she has the baby! (From Shellee in Georgia)

—Buy her as many slip-on shoes as she wants unless you plan on tieing her shoes for the duration of the pregnancy. (From Ellen in Georgia)

—Make her a shirt that tells her due date and the baby’s gender so that everyone will stop asking. (From Elise in Alabama)

—Don’t ask a pregnant woman why she’s tired all the time… Growing a human is exhausting! (From Tiah in New York)

—Husbands, sometimes all you need to do is hold her close. (From Tiana in Georgia)

—when she cries for no reason, give her chocolate (if the above tip doesn’t work). (from Becky in Georgia)


One thought on “How to make a pregnant woman’s day.

  1. i looovee this!!!!! you couldn’t be more accurate if you had to be πŸ˜‰ hope you’re doing well- praying for your little family πŸ™‚

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