A Pregnant Woman’s Priorities

Today’s To-Do List… From A Woman Who Is 9 Months Pregnant:

—Try to walk up the driveway to the car without collapsing or hyperventilating.

—Try to reach your legs in order to shave. If all else fails… forget it, in hopes people will notice my belly instead of my unshaven legs.

—Try to get to the grocery store without stopping for a potty break.

—Try not to cry during the action movie you’re watching on date night.

—Try to remember to actually push the “on” button on the dryer, BEFORE you come back 2 hours later to pull out the laundry you expect to be dry. That’s if I remember to come back for the laundry at all.

—Try to remember the conversation you just had with your husband 4 minutes ago… especially if it involved calling the accountant to relay important information about your taxes.

—NUMBER ONE PRIORITY— Sit down, put my feet up, and enjoy those tiny fingers that are drawing pictures inside my belly. Nothing else like it 🙂


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