Dear Josh… Love, Abbey

Dear Josh,


I don’t handle bugs well. Especially the big, crunchy kind. Especially when I’m home alone. My heart starts pounding viciously, and a huge adrenaline rush heads to my brain… sending warning signs that something is very wrong. My hands clam up and I start sweating profusely. There is a big, crunchy bug on the kitchen floor with a cup on top of it… next to your huge, heavy, steel-toed boot that I armed myself with. I’ll make you a deal – if you’ll clean up the big, crunchy bug, I will gladly have all of your children.


Thank you for marrying me, living in the same house with me, taking my frantic call while you’re at work, offering to come home right then to kill the big crunchy bug, and being my Knight in Shining Armour. Remember our deal.





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