Compassion, Starbucks, Africa, and A Day With My Boy.

A 3-week mission trip to Africa required my brother to spend a day with his clingy, 9-months-pregnant sister before he left. That would be me.


How I love that boy. We can finish each other sentences, and usually know what the other one is thinking before anything is said. He has always been one of the biggest cheerleaders in my life and challenged me to live life to the fullest and with no regrets. I’m so excited he has this opportunity. His compassion, selflessness, and unconditional love will make it difficult for him to want to come home… knowing his big heart, he will probably try to bring home one of those precious orphans with him šŸ™‚ I know those beautiful, African people will leave a big mark on his heart, and I pray make the most compassionate person I know, even more compassionate.


Please join me in praying in Jesus’ Name for Beau & the rest of his team until they return on May 4… and also pray that Beau’s niece/nephew will wait until he returns home to arrive!


A day with my boy... starbucks, a ride in the stang, action movie, and singing loud to Montgomery Gentry.



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