The Realizations of A New Mommy – Part 2

Our sweet one is 7 weeks old tomorrow. Wow. Before she came, I was confident I would be well on a schedule by now, in a routine, back to my pre-baby weight, and settled in with my new little family. Ha! Here’s Part 2 of my newest realizations. Feel free to laugh with me 🙂

—Sleeping in a bed is very over-rated. To be honest… who even needs sleep???

—I’ve become a pro at using only ONE wipe to change a dirty diaper. Seven weeks ago, it took four wipes.

—Any pictures I take these days have my child in them.

—Brushing my teeth means I’ve had a pretty hygienic day.

—Vacuum? Oh yeah… I think we own one of those.

—I had no idea a baby’s stomach could hold so much.

—I love seeing the look of happy surprise on my husband’s face when he gets home, and realizes he doesn’t need to do laundry that night, because the baby slept for a consecutive 2 hours today, and I was able to do it.

—Swimsuit? Maybe by 2015.

—My social life these days is using facebook on my phone while the baby nurses.

—If you were to ask me what I do all day long… I’m not sure if I know.

—I’ve learned that keeping the romance alive between me & my husband can be something as little as him making a bed on the couch and holding my hand while we go to sleep, because the baby fell asleep on me while I sat in the recliner (true story… his idea. And, yes, he is amazing.) 🙂

—I’ve also learned that one smile from her trusting little face makes no sleep and all the extra lumps & curves worth it completely.  🙂

I could kiss that face forever! I think I will… 🙂

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