The Realizations Of A New Mommy – Part 3

Our Sugar Muffin is 3 months old tomorrow. In some ways, I feel like her joyful little face has graced our little family forever. In other ways, it blows my mind that 90 days has passed so quickly. Didn’t I just get married… like… yesterday?! Here’s yet another installment of some of my newest realizations as a new mommy.

—Trying to trick your body into thinking a cup of hot chocolate is REALLY a cup of caffeinated coffee, because your little one can’t handle your… uh… caffeinated milk. I’m learning my body knows better.

—Making a list of all the things you’re going to do when you have a full day to yourself. This list is on your phone and you look at it as a daily encouragement… or hourly (don’t judge).

—Falling in love all over again as your sweet baby learns to throw kisses.

—That AMAZING feeling when your baby sleeps all the way through the night for the first time and you want to SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!!! And, out of habit, waking up for a 4AM feeding and being wide awake… so you take a long, hot shower and enjoy the quiet. And then realize you’re going to have to re-train your body so you can sleep through the night too. 🙂

—When you finally have the opportunity to go to the store for some shopping, realizing the first place you want to go is the Baby Department.

—Taking 57 pictures of your child a day and thinking that every person alive on the planet wants to see all 57 pictures.

—You’re more comfortable talking about your labor & delivery than the latest celebrity news. Probably because you have no idea what the latest celebrity news is. And besides, everybody would probably much rather talk about your uterus instead, anyway.

—Getting in the car with your sister, and realizing that half of the songs on the local radio station are songs you’ve never heard before. Your sister is singing along by memory to each one.

—Your heart hurts when you realize your baby is outgrowing their “newborn” clothes.

—Trying to put your baby on a sleep schedule, and leaving the room so you don’t have to hear their crying… because you’re scared you’re not strong enough to leave them in their bed.

—That secret happy feeling you get when your baby is crying in someone else’s arms, they give the baby back to you, and the baby immediately stops crying.

Daddy & Annalisa are best buddies 🙂
I love kissing my baby.

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