Adventures of a Temporary Gypsy: Oklahoma

Josh has been assigned to a project in Oklahoma for a month, and our sweet girl & I have followed him, since he IS our hunk-of-burnin-love 😉 Here are some thoughts about Oklahoma, that I will add to as our month progresses.


Day 2:

—has a Quik Trip on every. single. corner.

—must be incredibly pro-life. I’ve never seen more pregnant women and babies in my entire life.

—Mexican food abounds.

—has skies that are absolutely unbelieveable (even during the daytime!)… rivaled only by an Oklahoma sunset.

—has Western Wear stores like Georgia has kudzu.

—is serious about their meat & potatoes. There is a burger or steak joint every where you turn. Oklahomians must love their slabs of meat. Of course, there is cattle everywhere too… I’m putting two and two together, and guessing the cows aren’t pets.

—their beautiful fields make you want to take your shoes off and run barefoot until your chest hurts.

—their Targets have the coolest buggies ever.

—So. Many. Trucks.

—has a speed limit of 45 in their major cities. Makes you stop and smell the cow patties… uh… roses 😉

—Cowboys galore (definitely my sissy’s dream state).

Day 26:

—Okay. BIG NEWS! The project has been extended, and Josh has been asked to personally stay on and oversee the rest of the project. A huge compliment and big opportunity for Josh. So, after much prayer and consideration, we have decided to stay in Tulsa until a few days before Christmas. That will be a 3-month assignment in all.

—Oklahoma is having a cricket “plague”. There are crickets… everywhere. I think crickets are kinda cute… they somehow remind me of Disney movies (maybe Jiminy Cricket?).

—Hardee’s (the Georgia burger joint) owns a chain of restaurants here called “Carl Jr’s”.

—People here are so friendly! It’s refreshing to be around so many genuinely friendly, unhurried, family-oriented people.

—Tulsa is designed on a “grid-like” layout. Apparently, it’s impossible to get lost here. I’ve proved that concept wrong more than once; but the longer I’m here, the easier it is to navigate around. And, the grid DOES make it easier.

—the actual Flower’s Bakery plant is in Tulsa (you know, they make all kinds of loaf bread)! Mmmmmm, smells SO good.

such wide, open spaces.
Oklahoma sunshine
This girl loves sunshiny, Oklahoma walks!
Oklahoma sunset
We made it!

2 thoughts on “Adventures of a Temporary Gypsy: Oklahoma

  1. You are absolutely the most amazing person I know…..WOW!!!! You have a wonderful life & I am so proud of you & Josh. Kiss Annalisa for me a & enjoy your life with the passion & love that G-D has endowed you with. Love you, MIMI FOLSOM

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