Adventures of a Temporary Gypsy: Kansas

Kansas has been my favorite state ever since I was a little girl. Something about being able to see land meet sky in every direction that absolutely thrilled my little soul and made me want to take off my shoes and run barefoot until I couldn’t run anymore. My Pepaw was from Kansas, and I never tired of hearing his stories of working the wheat fields as a youth in the 1940’s. Josh had a weekend off, so we packed up our little one and off we went to Kansas City to see Pepaw’s childhood home, elementary school and nearby stomping grounds.

Kansas Trivia:

—Dodge City, KS is the windiest city in the US.

—The first woman mayor in the US served in Kansas in 1887

—Smith County, Kansas is the geographical center of the lower 48 states.

—the two gentlemen who invented the helicopter in 1909 were from Kansas (very interesting to me, since my Pepaw served in the Korean War as a helicopter mechanic instructor.)

—In 1990 Kansas wheat farmers produced enough wheat to make 33 billion loaves of bread, or enough to provide each person on earth with 6 loaves.

—Pizza Hut and Papa John’s pizza restaurants were both originally opened in Kansas.

Kansas love.
my Loves overlooking the beautiful Kansas City skyline.
Visiting the original Pizza Hut location! Invented by 2 Wichita State University students in 1957 who sold it to PepsiCo in 1977 for $300 million!
Happy girl.
You are missed, Pepaw.

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