The Realizations of a New Mommy – Part 4

In a little over 72 hours, our sweet girl will be 7 months old. Blows. My. Mind. Our happy, energetic, smiling little baby is growing up into a bona fide little girl. She is crawling, has a mind of her own, loves pears & bananas, can certainly speak for herself, loves drinking out of Mommy & Daddy’s cups, has been on 6 airplane flights, and gives the best slobbery kisses around. Here’s my newest realizations… I hope you’ll enjoy them with me 🙂

—Having a baby that crawls will keep you in a constant state of terror… why can’t they just play with their toys and NOT the electrical sockets or a stray Target bag???

—Speaking of toys, I’ve given up on real baby toys. Annalisa’s little toy box looks like a mini pantry. Spatula, empty spice bottle, water bottle, plastic cups, tuppercare container, wooden napkin ring, and if I’m really desperate (and watching her closely) a big bottle of sealed pancake syrup.

—Having a baby means looking through brand-new eyes. Every little sight, every little noise… is suddenly brand new and exciting again. I love how the world is a big, beautiful, happy place to a little one. We could learn more from that mindset.

—We were born into this world completely unafraid, and completely full of trust. Momma may have a heart attack when Daddy throws the baby in the air, but the baby just laughs because she is fearless and has full trust in her Daddy. Another thing we could learn from them.

—I continue to learn how little sleep I actually need to survive; and how I can sleep through a massive thunderstorm, but am awake the instant I hear the baby starting to wake up.

—How it’s completely impossible to feed a baby any type of pureed food without making sounds and opening your own mouth as you try to maneuver the spoon into their’s. Don’t believe me? Try it 😉

—Have you ever tasted rice cereal? Ugh, nasty. No wonder, babies aren’t a big fan. Straight on to bananas, folks.

—I’ve learned to eat with my left hand (I’m a normal rightie) with no problem… usually while bouncing the baby on my knee in the middle of a restaurant.

—That moment when you have two family weddings to attend, and you realize the appropriate attire probably isn’t yoga pants and an oversized tee shirt… and suddenly, you have a panic attack.

—No matter how little sleep I’m going on, and no matter if it’s the 4th time she’s woke up during the night, I suddenly don’t mind when I kiss that silky-smooth little chubby cheek.

—When the app that gets the most use on your smart phone, is the one that makes elephant noises. (That app is INVALUABLE when I’m grocery shopping, by the way – don’t judge).

—How I wouldn’t trade those cuddle times right when she wakes up… for anything in the world.

—When going to the grocery store by yourself (Daddy watching baby) seems like a tropical vacation; and when your Mom watches the baby so your sister can treat you to a pedicure – now, THAT’S like winning the lottery.

—When your new phone camera card is full of 947 pictures… and the card is only a month old.

—That moment when someone says your baby is halfway to their 1st birthday, and you burst into tears.

—When you suddenly don’t know how to have a conversation that doesn’t include topics like poop consistency.

—When your baby sits up by herself, and you don’t know whether to cry or cheer.

Hug on your babies tonight, people… they don’t stay babies for long.

I'll love you forever & always.
I’ll love you forever & always.
Truth. Except, it's not really because I'm lazy. More truth. ;)
Truth. Except, it’s not really because I’m lazy. More truth. 😉

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