Face in the wind!

Today is lovely. Sun is shining, and there is a brisk wind blowing. Spring is here! For me, it’s been a long winter. In every way it could be meant. Cold, lots of dead stuff, dreary, dark, depressing. Also, in every way it it could be meant.

While on a walk with our sweet girl this morning, I noticed she had leaned forward in her stroller, her little fingers grasping the edge of the stroller tray, with her face in the wind, giggling while the wind blew her hair back.

This child never ceases to teach me life lessons. And, she’s only 10 months old.

Even though the wind is blowing hard, don’t hide from it… lean forward, get a good grip, face the wind, and giggle while it blows your hair back.

Face in the wind...
Face in the wind…
...and giggle while the wind blows your hair back.
…and giggle while the wind blows your hair back.

2 thoughts on “Face in the wind!

  1. Ab, This is awesome! Such a simple part of your day , however the Lord showed you a deep truth in your life! Such a sweet kiss from Him who loves you so much! For you who has ears to hear..bless you….keep listening and keep your eyes peeled!! I love you, Momma p.s. I love the pictures!!

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