Christmas… toddler-style.

Some days, I really feel like I have everything together. You know, the laundry is only 4 days behind instead of 9 days, I’ve had a shower within the last 72 hours, and a semi-homemade meal is in the works (Rice-A-Roni counts as semi-homemade, right?). And then there are those days, where… well… the baby has a blowout diaper between locking the front door and getting in the car. I mean, how do her bowels even work that fast?!

Today, someone asked to borrow our plastic/toy, kid-friendly Nativity Set for a Church function. I immediately agreed and started packing up the pieces to send back with them. However, something didn’t feel right… perhaps a piece was missing? Hmmm, 3 wisemen/Mary/Joseph/Angel/2 Donkeys/Sheep/Cow/Manger were all accounted for. Then it hit me… WHERE WAS BABY JESUS?!?! Oh my, this could be… problematic. Why couldn’t the cow be missing??? *facepalm* I went ahead and sent the set, and hoped no one would notice (don’t judge me), and commenced to frantically search the house for 2 hours for Baby Jesus. Our little one had been playing with the Nativity Set the day before, so I searched all her hiding spots; laundry basket, tupperware cabinet, and her treasured cardboard box included. Perhaps, He had been placed in a tomb, yet again. I was ready to give up the search when I noticed something in our Christmas tree. Alas, it was Baby Jesus… placed deep inside our Christmas tree by sweet, chubby little fingers and He was resting peacefully atop a branch. Ahhh, crisis avoided. Jesus has been resurrected once again. Next time, I’ll remember to check the Christmas tree first.

In all truthfulness, I know I’ll have plenty of time in the distant future to have a Nativity Scene that isn’t chewed on, thrown, dripping with saliva, and missing Baby Jesus. I’ll just go ahead and enjoy it now.  We don’t need a plastic Baby Jesus toy to celebrate Christmas, anyway. So go ahead and hide Him in the bathroom cabinet behind the toliet paper, sweet girl. ❤  Merry Christmas, my friends!

He has been found!
She is teaching me that we don't need a plastic Baby Jesus toy in order to celebrate Christmas. <3
She is teaching me that we don’t need a plastic Baby Jesus toy in order to celebrate Christmas. ❤

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