Hulk Juice, anyone?

We survived the Atlanta Snowpocalyse 2014!!! With all the snow, cold weather, and flu bugs going around, I’ve tried to really keep our little one’s immune system boosted and healthy. That’s an interesting feat, since my 1.5 year old doesn’t like anything green. And, let’s get real… raise your hand if taking a sick toddler to the pediatrician’s office is one of your favorite things to do. To keep us from running back & forth to the pediatrician or drugstore with colds, flu bugs, fevers, and deleted immune systems, I’ve tried to get creative.

I grew up drinking lots of homemade, nutrition-packed smoothies and in the last couple years really got hooked on green smoothies. I know, sounds disgusting. They look even worse. But, to be honest, if you can get past the green color, they are DELICIOUS. Last year, in a desperate attempt to get some greens in our little one, I let her taste my green smoothie one day… she sucked the whole cup down! I was amazed. She now drinks them almost on a daily basis, and it’s a great way to get raw greens in her system and a natural boost to her immune system. On moody days when she decides she doesn’t want a green smoothie, I’ll hide the “green” color in a dark cup with lid (usually one of my travelling coffee mugs) and she’ll slurp it down!

Here’s the magic recipe that’s worked for us:

—1 banana

—1 can of pears in 100% juice

—1 big handful of raw spinach

Throw everything in the blender, and you have a healthy, natural immune system boost in less than 60 seconds. The pears cover up all trace of a spinach taste… the smoothie is very sweet.

If you have older kids that are not as open to trying green smoothies… try giving it a cool name or story. Sometimes, it’s amazing what kids will eat/drink if they know it’s “Hulk Juice”, or what ballerinas drink to get extra strong.

Bottoms up! Here’s to your own incredible toddler Hulk or strong little ballerina. I can drink to that.



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