Toddler Chores

Our first little Love Bug is now 2.5 years old. Since I’m currently 9 months pregnant, it’s been a huge & genuine blessing to have her help me with small chores around the house. Here are some we have been working on.

—putting wet clothes in the dryer

—putting tupperware containers in the cabinet

—putting dry clothes from the dryer into a laundry basket for folding

—picking up her toys, books, etc. when she’s finished playing

—drying wet plastic containers, plastic serving utensils, etc.

—taking small armfuls of dirty clothes to the laundry room

—picking something up when I drop it (keys, etc.)

—organizing clean silverware from the dishwasher into the silverware drawer (this is done with extreme supervision).

—putting dirty plastic dishes, plastic cups, etc. in the sink after a meal

—stacking up cans in the pantry

—putting clean bibs in the bib drawer after they’ve been washed

She also has a child-sized broom that she loves to use when I’m sweeping… this doesn’t necessarily help, haha, but I love that she wants to do what I do. It’s the same kind of story with her miniature lawn mower when Daddy cuts the grass outside… watching her follow him around with her pink mower is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Whether it’s truly “helping” me or not, it’s important to me that my children understand that it takes EVERYONE doing their part at home to keep things running smoothly. I’m also learning little eyes & ears are watching every.single.thing I do… if I have a bad attitude while doing housework, errands, etc., then she will pick up on it, and not be cheerful either.

I’d love to hear more ideas… leave me a comment on how YOUR toddler helps out at home!

"Helping" Daddy mow the grass. <3
“Helping” Daddy mow the grass.
Stacking cans in the grocery buggy (she put them in the pantry once we got home).
Stacking cans in the grocery buggy (she put them in the pantry once we got home).
Cleaning up her toys.
Cleaning up her toys.
Drying dishes.
Drying dishes.

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