A few favorite things under $10.

Nothing quite like finding a little goodie for a deal. Am I right, or am I right? Here are a few favorite things I’ve found lately for under $10 that bring a little extra “umph” to my day.

–I noticed these frosted animal crackers on the dollar aisle at Target earlier this week, and picked them up to include in some of my toddler’s Easter eggs. I opened them a few days ago to taste-test them (somebody has to take one for the team), and immediately wondered where these have been all my life. They taste like a sweet, crunchy gingerbread cookie with a touch of icing. Ohmygoodness. ONE DOLLAR, PEOPLE!


–These are also a Target find, and are still currently on sale (as of two days ago). One barrel is $9.99, and comes with 57 pods. The pods are perfect for traveling/trips (just throw a handful into a small tupperware container). It’s no big deal to pack enough clothes for my family when we go on a trip, however, we are still in the “a blowout diaper everyday, thank ya very much” phase of life and who wants to wait to wash that nastiness until you get home?! Many hotels have washers/dryers available for their guests (some free, some charge a quarter or two), but you have to provide your own detergent or either buy their’s (which is always ridiculously pricey). I’ll pack a handful of these, and voila! No nasty, stained clothes to bring home!


–CLIF bars have become a recent favorite at our house, and so far, Target (betcha didn’t seem that coming) seems to have the best deals on them. I’ve seen three different flavors over the last month at two different locations that have a box of 14 bars for $9.79 (usually they’re about $1/bar… so this is like getting 4 free bars. Holla!). I keep a box in my pantry, and one in my car… great for a snack, or even as a breakfast/lunch in a pinch when on the go. We love Peanut Butter Crunch, Blueberry Crisp, and Chocolate Chip.


–If you are a human being that has any kind of hair on their head at all, you need the Wet Brush. Also at Target, and $9.99. As a girl with about 9 lbs of thick hair that knots just by looking at it… this brush is magical. My mom uses it. My sister uses it. My toddler uses it. I use it. The Wet Brush people should give me free brushes for life… that’s how much I love recommending it. You can brush wet hair, dry hair, damp hair… no pulling! Gentle, easy, wonderful.


–My new favorite Starbucks drink is the Decaf Skinny Iced Caramel Machiatto in the biggest size possible (decaf because I’m still breastfeeding, and skinny because I’ve put myself on a stupid diet). Um, as a girl who usually will skimp on ANYTHING except her coffee order, I actually don’t miss the sugar or thicker milk in this drink. Delicious! It’s $5 and change for a venti size, and I usually let myself have one a week as a treat or if I’ve had a really long night with the baby.


What’s some of YOUR favorite $10 bargains?


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