A few more favorite finds for $10 & under.

Here are a few more favorite things I’ve found recently for under $10… I LOVEEEE  a good deal.

The entire contents of my toddler’s Easter basket came from the Target dollar aisle. These sweet socks included. They usually always have some kind of children’s socks for sale… always in a cute print. I’ve picked up Christmas, Valentine, TMNT (for my little guy cousins), and all sorts of designs, all for $1.


Hobby Lobby has these mega-packs of stationary for 50% off this week. They’re normally $10, which is still a great deal for 48 cards/envelopes, but getting them for $5 is a ridiculous steal. If you miss this week’s sale, you can still pick up a box for $6 – just use their 40% coupon at checkout that they always have online. They have TONS of really cute stationary styles… I picked up this style for my husband to use as Thank You notes for his birthday, since they looked a little more masculine.


Another score off the Target dollar aisle. Tastes just like the famous goldfish, but instead they’re whales and you get a big box for $1. 😉


I ran inside Ross today to pickup a birthday gift for a girlfriend, and saw this in the checkout line. Tazo is the brand that Starbucks uses, and a Starbucks Chai Latte has been my all-time favorite drink in the history of ever. Since I’m nursing right now, decaf is my jam… so I may or may not have bought all 6 boxes they had of these at my local store for $3/ea. No worries, if you can’t find them at your Ross – Target carries them for around $5 in all kinds of different Tazo Chai options (caramel chai, chocolate chai, organic chai, decaf chai, regular chai, etc.). It’s a concentrated mix (you need to add milk), so I’ve found if I drink a glass a day, a box is enough to last me a week.


Target had these little cuties on their dollar aisle (seriously, their dollar aisle is my favorite), and now it’s my toddler’s new favorite cup. They’re plastic, but they look like the old-fashioned glass milk jugs. They had several different Disney designs to choose from, in case you already have enough Elsa & Anna in your life. Dishwasher safe, since we’ve run ours through the dishwasher several times and it still looks brand new. Pair one of these little cups with a pair of the Target dollar aisle kids socks and you’ll be prepared for all the little people birthday parties this year… a cute gift for TWO DOLLARS. You’re welcome.


What are some of your favorite $10 & Under deals? Shareeeee with a mama!


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