10 Free Things To Do With Your Toddler

It’s the end of May, the weather is heating up, the days are a little longer, and I find myself itching to be outside as much as possible. Just want to soak this sunshine UP! I’m constantly looking for fun, age-appropriate activities to do with my favorite toddler… but with a mortgage and the cost of two in diapers (i know, i know… cloth diapers are the answer to all of life’s problems), “FREE” definitely gets my attention. Here’s a list of some of our favorite things to do; all marked with the Toddler’s Stamp Of Approval by The Original Her Majesty.

–Put rain boots on your little one and head to your local nursery or home improvement store. The outdoor plant/flower area is always full of puddles from watering the flowers, so let your little one run up and down the outdoor aisles smelling the flowers and stomping in the puddles.

–Many local libraries have a weekly Toddler Storytime that lasts 30 minutes. Ours involves singing a few songs with hand motions, a hands-on activity, and reading a couple books. SO FUN! Seriously, this is my daughter’s favorite thing to do each week.

–Head outside and go for a walk. I put my baby and toddler in my $25 Goodwill double stroller and head outside for some sunshine. Most of the time, my toddler  loves to get out and walk beside me while holding my hand, and has been known to walk a mile… good exercise and Vitamin D for everyone!

–Scout out the local playgrounds around you… I’ve been amazed at the fun playgrounds we’ve found that I wouldn’t have noticed without exploring different areas of my little town.

–Next time you go to Starbucks for your favorite latte or iced coffee, ask for a little cup of whipped cream for your toddler… although it’s apparently corporate policy to charge $0.60 for this, I’ve NEVER been charged for it… it’s a fun weekly treat that we love looking forward to. Hello, free treat, and tiny Starbucks cup!

–Do you have a Bass Pro Shops or Cabelas near you? My toddler loves checking out the massive fish tank inside our local Bass Pro and watching all the fish. Our own free little aquarium playdate in the afternoons.

–Two words: SPLASH PAD. My toddler LOVES these in the summertime. Slap a hat and some swim shoes on your kid, and get ready for a worn-out toddler in a couple hours… you’re welcome.

And if you live in the Atlanta area, make sure to check out these local FREE (or almost free) attractions too:

—Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove, GA. A lovely Animal Sanctuary that is stroller-friendly, has lots of exotic & domestic rescued animals, and also plenty of picnic tables for packed lunches. Free, but donations encouraged. It’s worth the drive (about an hour from metro Atlanta) and one of our favorite things to do in pretty weather.

—Mayfield Dairy Tour in Braselton, GA. This is a fascinating little tour (children under 3 are free, ages 3-12 are $3.50, and 13-up are $4.50… this price includes FRESH ice cream at the end of the tour!) Tour is stroller-friendly, and also great for older children too. Call for tour hours. No reservations needed.

—Head to Mall of Georgia’s indoor playground on a rainy day. It’s free, and has lots of play equipment for toddler age and up to climb and play on. Best time to go is when the mall first opens (10 am) before the play area gets real busy.

Happy memory-making!



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