Mama, you are enough.

Leftover baby weight.

Permanent under-eye dark circles.

Bathrooms that need cleaning.

Clothes that never fit right.

Dinner that always needs cooking.

Laundry that’s never done.

Toddlers that think they’re in charge.

Babies that want to nurse every hour.

You bump into friends that don’t have kids yet, and realize that your nails aren’t manicured, you’re wearing yesterday’s yoga pants, and somebody brings up having brunch soon, and you think to yourself “Are popsicles and cheetos at 10am okay with everyone?”

You are not alone.

Mama, take a deep breath. You are the entire world to the little eyes looking up at you. You are a superhero. Have courage, dear heart. You are enough.



2 thoughts on “Mama, you are enough.

  1. This made me cry. Thank you, dear Mommy Friend. Thank you. You are a continued inspiration and encouragement to my soul. Love you dearly, Beautiful!

    1. I needed to hear it too. As moms, I think we are our own worst critics, and comparison is the thief of joy. We need to know that we are enough… YOU are enough. So grateful for you, darling, and love being on this journey called life with you. You make my life so rich! ❤ xoxo

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