Friday Favorites


Today, I’m linking up with some of my favorite blogs and sharing a few of my favorite little finds from the last couple months. Most all were under $10 (because, diapers… duh), and are just little things that I’ve picked up that have brought a smile to my face.

K-Cup drawer from Aldi: $9.99 

I’ve been keeping our K-cups in their bulky cardboard boxes and stacked up in a kitchen cabinet. I’ve had my eye on the Keurig drawers at Target, but I’m cheap and didn’t want to spend full price on one (I’d rather spend the money on actual coffee, haha #NoShame). When I was grocery shopping this past week at Aldi and saw this one for $10, it was love at first sight.


Hand-stamped Turquoise Bracelets from Brandy’s Garden: $5.99/ea

I saw these bracelets on (from the boutique Brandy’s Garden) and decided to have two stamped with GRACE and MERCY. Love these little bracelets! Easy to wear alone, together, or stacked up with other arm candy.


Starbucks Sweetened Iced Coffee from Target: clearance for $6.50/case of 16

We decided to try this after seeing it on sale on the Cartwheel app at Target, and oh my goodness… love, love, love. Even though I usually drink my iced coffee with creamer, I could totally drink this black. So yummy and smooth! I don’t think I would pay full price for it (a little pricy for me), but I am really enjoying every single cup in the meantime and it makes a GREAT afternoon pick-me-up. 😉


Aviator Sunglasses from Walmart: $5

I needed a new pair of sunglasses, and picked up these up on a whim at WalMart for $5. I’ve been so surprised at how well they’ve held up! I have a couple different pair spread throughout our cars, and this pair is my favorite.


Target Ultra-Large Ride-Along Buggy:

Seriously, have these been around forever and I’m just now noticing them? Where has this been all my life?! Big hit with my kids. Gave my toddler so much more room!


Exodus 14:14

A couple days this week have been a little difficult… grateful for this reminder.


Happy Friday, y’all!


One thought on “Friday Favorites

  1. Awesome tips Abbey, but what I love most is what a truly lovely person you are!
    Every blessing to you and all of your amazing family!

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