My humble little blog gets a face-lift!

My apologies for the lack of posts the last 2 weeks. After 4 years of blogging, it was high-time for this little space to get a little updated face-lift. I wanted things to look a little simpler, cleaner, more user-friendly, more stream-lined, and also wanted to introduce some new things happening in my little blogmosphere.

I grew up in a small, family-owned local business, so my passion for supporting local businesses runs deep… as a mom, I’m even more passionate about working with other moms who are operating small businesses. You’ll be seeing a few small ads located in the sidebars – one has already been posted (shout-out to Darlene Babineaux of Rodan & Fields Skincare), and a few more are in the works. To my readers, I promise these ads won’t be intrusive or take over the site… but, why not buy from other moms and small businesses if we have the option?! The businesses featured here are all hand-picked by me because their products are tailored to the (mostly) women who read this blog. If you’re interested in placing an ad on, please shoot an email to to discuss details.

Also, I’m excited to start featuring some other bloggers as guest posters… the vast majority of posts will still be from coffee-chugging, greasy-haired, plain-jane me, but I’m pumped to have a Guest Post every couple months or so to change things up a little. 😉

You may also see a random post every few months featuring a small business owner. Again, these won’t be intrusive, pushy, or often… just a little post to introduce a great mom-run business to you.

In other news, the Blog now has a personal Instagram account! Totally excited about this… some of you follow my personal Instagram (which I’m still keeping and using), but make sure to follow the Blog’s insta too. I’ll be posting all kinds of stuff there that won’t make it to my personal Instagram. Head over to @AbbeyDraaBlog to follow!


Outside of a new look, a few guest posts, and supporting some mamas and their businesses, nothing has changed. Still lots of posts on motherhood, DIY projects, and recipes. Also, there will be another 6-week Meal Planning Series coming later this fall. Look around and get acquainted with the new layout… there are tabs at the very top of the page that have all been updated (About Me, Photography, Meal-Planning, and DIY tabs), as well as lots of cool new stuff in the sidebars.  As always, I’m humbled that you’ve stopped by to read. This little community means so much to me. Love & hugs!




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