Mama, take care of yourself.

I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to stay home with my kids. It’s a huge blessing and all I ever wanted to do. Certainly something I do not take for granted, and I’m forever thankful that my husband is passionate about this too. That being said… the days can be long. The toddler can be challenging. The baby can be needy. The house can be messy. The errands can be never-ending. The sleep can be non-existent. The laundry can be overpowering. The list goes on. The other day had been extra long and I found myself climbing in bed (finally) and realizing how guilty I felt for not necessarily enjoying my kids as much as what I should have that day. Let’s be honest, SOMETIMES THEY MAKE ME WANT TO PULL MY HAIR OUT.

“Toddler, you are three years old and NOT in charge! You just march your Leadership Qualities to the living room and pick up your toys!” 

“Baby, I know I’ve been holding you all morning and then had the nerve to put you down but I seriously have to fold some laundry because we have to have clean underwear at some point… PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER.”


I end up being short, snippy, raising my voice, and all around frustrated. My sweet husband walks through the door and my emotions are all like “ahhhh, fresh meat!” and jump on him too. And then when I have my devotions, I’m reminded that Proverbs has exactly 5,791 verses for a woman like me (you know, the verses that talk about wives who are like dripping faucets and such).

I’m learning. Ladies, take a few minutes for yourself. It’s not being selfish. It’s hitting the reset button and getting a booster shot in the arm. It’s coming back refreshed to your family. Get up 30 minutes before your kids and enjoy the SILENCE. Head out for a 15-minute walk in the evening to clear your head while Dad handles bath-time. Every month, take a Saturday morning and go walk around the grocery story BY YOURSELF for a couple hours. Ladies, it’s crucial. It’s a game-changer. Our families will thank us, and everyone will reap the benefits. Hugs, mama. You’re not alone! ❤




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