Fall-inspired Homemade Cards and Toddler Crafts

The last week has found us gluing, cutting, pom-pom’ing, painting, coloring, drawing, beading, pipe cleaner-ing, and googly eye-ing everything we can get our hands on. My toddler takes crafting VERY seriously, and I love seeing her create and be so proud of her little masterpieces. It’s a great way to spend a couple hours on a rainy day, or just enjoy some quality time with my Sweet Girl while Baby Sister is napping.  I’m seriously the Mom who will never throw any of her stuff away. #SorryNotSorry

Here are a few Fall-inspired little crafts that we’ve been doing. Easy for a toddler, and fun for me too. 🙂

Candy Corn Craft:

We used orange/white/yellow sheets of construction paper to cut out easy small/medium/large rectangles. Then, she glued them onto a piece of black paper and called it her “Candy Paper”. Of course, we had to examine some real candy corn to ensure our craft met all the candy corn standards. 😉 I found these children’s scissors at WalMart that cut pretty edges and she loves them ($2!).




Homemade Fall Cards:

While she was making her candy corn craft, i made a few handmade cards for some friends. I cut out little yellow triangles, and then laid orange and white strips on top, trimmed the edges and glued on top of the yellow triangle. Next, I just glued the entire piece of candy onto a brown square of construction paper and wrote “Happy Fall, Yall” across the top, and then later added a little note at the bottom; “When we count our blessings, we count you twice.” Easy peasy!


Painted Pumpkin Craft:

I took a piece of brown construction paper and drew a large circle on one side. My toddler then took orange paint and painted the inside of the circle. While the paint was drying, she picked out a green pom-pom to glue at the top and I drew a little curly stem. She LOVES to paint, and this is the perfect little fall art piece to hang in my dining room on my Wooden Art Display (DIY tutorial for that here: ( https://abbeydraa.wordpress.com/2015/08/28/diy-wooden-art-display/ ). If your little one is still too young for real paint, then just mix some flour, water, and food coloring together until you get a paint-like consistency… and tada! Edible paint. 🙂





Happy Friday, friends! ❤


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