Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!!


Just passing along a few of my favorite recent things. πŸ™‚

The picture of our home’s newest little mover-and-shaker is one of them… we have a stander, folks!


And Kroger’s free download goodie this week… free coffee? Now, THAT is something I can get behind. In all seriousness, this flavor is DELICIOUS. I don’t usually drink coffee black, but this has just the right hint of sweetness and flavor that it’s delicious just by itself.


And, I can’t even with these two little “pumpins” from last weekend… sweeter than Pumpkin Pie!


Also, just a small service announcement… THE (new) RED CUPS ARE BACK! And, if you haven’t tried the Chestnut Praline Latte with a splash of Half & Half Β on top… then you need to stop reading my blog and drive-it-like-ya-stole-it to your nearest Starbucks. You’re welcome. And, for those of you who aren’t coffee drinkers… I’m sorry for another coffee post. Okay, no I’m not. #SorryNotSorry


And this man of mine who babywears is DEFINITELY a favorite of mine. Seriously, doesn’t get any hotter than a #ManWhoCarries… am i right?!


I picked this up on a whim at my local Aldi for $2. Oh my goodness… DELICIOUS! Tastes like Christmas morning in a box. I add a little oil and applesauce to the mix and make it into loaf bread instead of muffins, but either way… yummy! On another note… I had no idea my feet were in so many pictures… hahahaha. Well, at least you can’t see my greasy hair or my acne breakout… so, I’ll just hope you assume I’m a modern day June Cleaver-turned-Mom Blogger. πŸ˜‰


This little bundle of sweetness turned one a few weeks ago, and had her little family party over the weekend… where does the time go? Ohhhhh, my heart.

(and my mom is holding the cake with candles just out of her reach… no danger of her burning herself for those considering calling Child Services).


And then there’s these two Sugar Muffins who I found holding hands in the backseat of Daddy’s car. Gracious, these children of mine know how to make my ovaries hurt. Doesn’t get any sweeter than their little sistership.


And, one last favorite… I’ll leave you with my newest favorite Instagram account to stalk. Check out Bridget (a mom from Boston) over at @ItsAHuntLife and follow along with her family of 5 as they finish up a 4-month season of living in Europe while her professor husband did some research and studies abroad. Her pictures will have you laughing and swooning in turn.


And to finish things up here… I’ll just close out with my toddler’s newest quote:

“Mommy, I need you to burp… I’ll show you how to do it like a princess.”

Enjoy your weekend!


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