My 3 Goals for 2016.

Hello, 2016! So far, you’re looking pretty great. ❤



Along with the rest of the world, I have plenty of personal New Years Resolutions that sound like “lose the rest of the baby weight” and “eat better & exercise more”…  and not to discount those type of goals (gracious knows that I’ve been carrying this baby weight long enough), but I want to put a bigger emphasis on some goals that will yield more eternal results. For me, this looks like the following…


Make my devotions more of a priority. I tend to be an early riser anyway, but i get caught up in 1,000 other ways to spend that highly sought-after quiet of the early morning hours… I’m going to work on making a few minutes of quality time with the Lord a priority, first-thing in the morning.

Practice saying “no” to extra commitments that I don’t need to make time for. I’m a people-pleaser by nature, so this is extra difficult for me… but I’m learning that the more I pile on my plate, the more stress my household, family, and myself absorb. And, that’s not the way i want to live my life, or encourage my family to live theirs. And, i don’t need to feel bad about that. 🙂

Less social media, more quality time. As a stay-at-home-mom, it’s easy for me to use social media as an excuse to stay “plugged in”, when in all reality, it’s just taking away from quality time with my family. Now, there is definitely a time and place for social media… but I’ll be working on finding a committed time each day that I’m “electronics free” (maybe from 8am-noon, or from 4-8pm, etc.).

Here’s to more quality time… and less baby weight… in 2016 for all of us. Happy New Year, friends! ❤


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