Tips for when #SundayMorningsAintEasy

I don’t know about you… But my experience with Sunday mornings hasn’t exactly resembled a beacon of peace and  goodwill.



Seriously, y’all… The struggle is real.

So! Here are a few Sunday Morning Life Hacks that our little family has started implementing, that have seriously made us much more pleasant people.

-Create a “Church Bag” that only comes out on Sunday mornings. If your kids spend any portion of the morning with you in the main service, this will be worth its weight in gold. Our bag is packed full of quiet activities like a small puzzle, a magnetic wooden dress-up doll, coloring book/crayons, chapstick, a couple small books, teething rings, a small container of cheerios, etc. This has helped teach our kids to behave and keep themselves occupied quietly while in the adult service. We also babywear during the latter part of the service, since baby is ready for a nap at that point.

-Pick out everyone’s clothes the night before. Including yours.

-Pack the diaper bag the night before too (don’t forget your babywearing carrier if this applies to you!).

-Set the alarm 30 minutes before you would normally set it. You’ll probably need the extra time, and this will keep you from getting stressed about being late.

-Keep breakfast simple and as clean-up free as possible (fruit, toast, etc). Keep oatmeal and cereal for a morning when its okay if its spilled and smeared everywhere.

-Pack your coffee in a travellers mug so you can sip in the car or at church. This will ensure you actually get your caffeine, instead of leaving a half-drunk cup of coffee on the counter in the rush to get in the car.

-Play worship music in the car while you drive to help set the atmosphere and keep things peaceful.

As a mama to two kids under 3, i basically invented the hashtag #SundayMorningsAintEasy (not really, but I should have). But, these tips have truly helped keep our Sunday mornings easier and truly more enjoyable… And that’s something I can definitely get behind. 😉





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