Friday Favorites

Hooray for Friday!! I’m linking up with some of my favorite blogs today and sharing a few of my favorite things from the last week.

–Yall, this ointment is magic. For those of you that have cracked, itchy hands from the cold weather, you need to use this… A tiny dab will work wonders. Doesn’t look or smell pretty, but has really made a difference on my rashy/itchy/severely cracked hands the past week. Its an herb/vitmin based ointment, and loaded with witchhazel, goldenseal, aloe vera,  and several other plant-based ingredients. It’s out of stock on Amazon, but you can buy directly from the company here.IMG_20160104_123709955


–Target Dollar Aisle strikes again! Picked this up a couple days ago, and home education just doesn’t better then lined paper for ABC’s with Paw Patrol splashed everywhere for $1. #ToddlerMom



–I bought this headband/turban several months ago and wear it often… Most recently, out for a last-minute dinner with family last week and it’s still my favorite way to wear dirty hair. 😉 Check out Lori’s etsy shop to snag one for yourself!



–I misplaced my last tube of this, so picked up a new one… I’ve used this hair remover creme forever and it works great! I tend to have sensitive skin, but have never had any problem with this causing any irritation. It’s cheap and can be found at probably any drugstore or Walmart. Perfect for upper lips.



— Joel Rosenberg is my all-time favorite author and I tend to read his books within 2 days, start-to-finish (I’ve read everything he’s written). I love political thrillers, and he takes the cake… This is his brand-new book, and I can’t wait to read it. He is a Christian author, and I love that his books are always clean. This is a pic I snapped at Barnes And Nobles, but I’m planning on downloading the digital version to my kindle (digital version is currently half the price as the paper version).



–This brand-new little ponytail is another favorite this week… Or ever… eeek!!



–And so is this photo. Wish you could see the video of this, haha… Baby Sister was going places and pushing the stroller herself.


Have a great weekend, sweet friends! ❤


4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

    1. Hi Kelly! Thanks for stopping by and reading. 🙂 This is more of an ointment for already-present problem areas on your hands instead of a lotion… I’ve applied it several times a day to the cracked, itchy areas on my fingers and wrists and it has worked wonders in clearing them up! Hope it works just as well for you!! It’s been worth its weight in gold for me. xoxo

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