From one mama to another… fist-bump.

Those days when the dishes are piled up, and every toy known to man is on the floor in your house. The kids go down for a nap, and you’re left wondering whether to do laundry, finish putting away the groceries, clean the dirty bathroom, prep dinner, or start a massive deep-cleaning project. You have a mental “ah, screw it” moment, down the last two gulps of your 2-hour-old cold coffee, and head upstairs for your first shower in 3 days. The hot water feels like heaven on earth, and you want to stay forever. You use the good, expensive shampoo that your mom bought you for Christmas (because she knows it’s your favorite, and knows you won’t buy it for yourself). You wrap up in an only slighly mildewy-smelling towel, and decide to paint your toenails. You pass the dirty bathroom mirror and notice a woman with dark circles under her eyes and a saggy tummy creased with stretch-marks (but freshly painted nails and clean hair, dangit!). You realize you’ve never been more tired or happy in your life then when being a mama. And, you realize you really don’t care about the house or the leftover baby weight… you realize that these are the glory days… that you really do have it all.


And you know what, lady? You’re one heckuva mama. Motherhood is hard, and wonderful, and frustrating, and glorious. And we’re doing it. Fist-bump to us. In case you need a reminder that you’re a great mom… you are. In case you haven’t been recognized in awhile… you’re noticed, you’re appreciated, and you’re changing the world. ❤


p.s. i want to protect the innocent, but i will say this post is based on a true story… and it miiiiight’ve been me yesterday. let’s just say i do have clean hair and painted toenails today.




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