What We’re Doing Wednesday

Happy Hump Day, y’all! May your toddler’s attitude be sweet, your baby’s teeth not hurt, and your coffee be strong! Today, I’m linking up with a few of my favorite blogs to share what we’re up to this week.


What We’re Eating This Week:

I’m trying to watch what I eat, so lots of soup & smoothies for me this week. Which… if you’re looking for a good soup recipe… here’s one for a delicious crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup. 😉


What I’m Reminiscing About This Week:

The sixth anniversary of when our courtship started was this week… so I’ve been thinking about when this cute boy asked me to be his girlfriend and I jumped up to hug him with a resounding “oh my goodness, YES!” and ended up spilling my entire vanilla latte in my lap. Really glad my pants dried quickly, since he had arranged to have a photographer waiting outside to document our special day. #SeriouslySpilledTheWholeThingInMyLap



What I’m Loving This Week:

This picture.

“You weady, sissy? Don’t be ‘fraid… I’ll go with you. One, two, free!”

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


What We’ve Been Up To This Week:

A sweet playdate, some time at the park, lots of laundry, a little snow, plenty of snuggles, and countless Dr. Suess books (the latter is usually done in green pajamas and pink wellies… because, duh.)

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


What I’ve Been Dreading This Week:

Cleaning out our garage.


What I’m Working On This Week:

Cleaning out our garage and also deep-cleaning our closet. If y’all haven’t heard from me by Sunday, send in the calvary.


What I’m Excited About This Week:

THAT HUNKY BROTHER OF MINE PROPOSED AND I’M GAINING A SISTER! You guys… i was there. and it was the most beautiful moment i’ve ever witnessed outside of my own engagement/wedding and my children being born.

photo credit to that gorgeous to-be-sister of mine.


What I’m Watching/Reading This Week:

If y’all haven’t checked out Madame Secretary on Netflix… stop reading this post, and go do it now. My husband and I checked it out last week, and have been binge-watching it ever since. We are several episodes in, and so far, it has been refreshingly clean and actually, almost wholesome. Definitely a good show, if you like political thrillers.


As far as what I’m reading… “The Gettysburg Address & Other Writings of Abraham Lincoln”.  It was an $8 find at Barnes & Noble a couple weeks ago (now it’s only $3 online!), and although the historical language requires my full attention, I’m really enjoying reading up on what Lincoln had to say. He was a powerful communicator.



What I’m Listening To This Week:

Same as always… a little Bethel Music, some Wheels On The Bus, a little Jesus Culture, and some John Jacob Jingleheimer Schimdt. #MomLife


What I’m Wearing This Week:

All day, every day. Sorry not sorry.


What I’m Doing This Weekend:

Normally, our weekends are pretty low-key and involve blueberry waffles and visiting some nearby family. However, this weekend we are meeting up with a group of friends that we haven’t seen in ages… several haven’t even met our children yet… excited to catch-up with everyone and i miiiiight even change out of my 3-day-old yoga pants for the occasion. Might.


What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month:

Hopefully, a little time with this stud all to myself. #ValentinesDay



Bonus Question – What Is My Favorite Valentine Treat:

I’m a sucker for baking, crafting, decorating for different holidays… Here’s a little Valentine’s Day craft/treat that my toddler and I made for her Daddy and grandparents a couple years ago. So easy, simple, and cheap!


Happy Wednesday!


5 thoughts on “What We’re Doing Wednesday

  1. You wrote “I’m gaining a sister” but my brain saw “I’m a gangster.” Happy laughs to you courtesy of my sleepless night and groggy brain.

  2. I love your engagement story! I love that he had a photographer ready. I love that you drink vanilla lattes (my drink too)!

    Happy hump day!

    1. Thank you! This was actually when he asked me to be his girlfriend… Several months later when he proposed, there were only lots of happy tears spilled… Not coffee, that time. 😉 Haha. Thanks for reading, beautiful lady! xoxo

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