January Book Review

I wrote a post last month about my three major goals for 2016 where i reference wanting to have a portion of each day social-media/technology free… a smaller goal of mine is to read more this year, so I’m thinking the two will go hand-in-hand. I constantly had my nose in a book as a child and teenager (loveeee to read!), but haven’t made time for much reading in the last several years and I miss it! My goal is to read one book a month this year, and use this reading challenge from the Modern Mrs. Darcy blog as a guide and inspiration (how fun does that reading challenge sound?!). You can follow along with what books I’m reading by searching #WatchAbbeyRead on instagram.

Outside of the occasional clearance find, or borrowed book (my Dad and I both love political thrillers and he shares all his favorites with me), most books will probably be read on my Kindle.

I strolled through Barnes & Noble (okay, more like dragged two kids through B&N for a touch-and-go 17 minutes. #MomsDontStroll) one afternoon for some book inspiration, and picked up this little read for $8.


Abraham Lincoln: The Gettysburg Address & Other Writings

It was an incredible little book full of Lincoln’s speeches. He was such a powerful communicator. Even though it’s only 89 pages, it is definitely no speed-read… the historical language really required my full, 100% attention and took 3 weeks for me to finish. I found myself wanting to underline sentence after sentence. It’s a small book, and the perfect size to tuck in a purse or diaper bag to pop out and read a couple pages when you have a quiet few minutes to spare (or want to avoid laundry… let’s be real).

reading during naptime.


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
reading during naptime.


Send me your book recommendations! Also, any feedback on using the Goodreads app?




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