Winter Nail Polish

I’ve always loved nail polish on my toes, but have started painting my fingernails more regularly in the last year as well. No matter how much of a hot mess I am (all day, erry day), at least my fingernails are pretty for a little while, hahaha. Out of the 55 posts that I published last year, my post on spring nail polish was my 5th most-read in my 2015 stats (apparently, you ladies like to paint your nails too 😉 ) So today, let’s talk about some pretty shades for winter!


This bright reddish pink (“Head Mistress” by Essie) is perfect for Valentine’s Day this weekend, and seriously seems to go with both red and pink.



This dark burgundy chocolate color is one of my all-time favorites that I’ve been wearing for years (“Spice It Up” by Revlon). Love, love, love it. A perfect option for dark nail polish if the really dark polish trends intimidate you (i’m wearing “Head Mistress” by Essie in the below picture, fyi… but “Spice It Up” is a gorgeous dark burgundy/chocolate color).



I received this color in a box of mini nail polishes that came in my Christmas stocking (“Mind Your Mittens” by Essie). It’s a lighter blue/gray that kinda reminds me of snow and ice. So pretty!



I’m always on the lookout for new colors… Share what your favorites are for this time of year!




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