February Book Review

Hellooooo, March! That escalated quickly. I’m continuing to work on my three big 2016 goals… which means less time surfing on my phone, and more time to do other things. Like snuggling my babies. Kissing my husband. And laundry reading. 😉 Remember, I’m using this guide as an idea to help me think outside the box. Carve out some reading time for yourself and jump in too! Sometimes it’s just a few sentences here and there, and other times i stay up late reading several chapters at a time. But, i AM trying to commit to at least one book/month, regardless. You can read my January Book Review here, and can also search #WatchAbbeyRead on instagram to see my reading-related posts this year.

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Moving right along. I snuck out one evening while my sweet husband was putting our kids to bed, and spent an hour perusing the clearance tables at Barnes & Noble. I picked up a few $4-$5 books that caught my interest, and brought them home. Two out of three bombed completely (i made it one chapter in each), but the third made up for it and then some. Ohhhhhh, i loved it.




The Kennedy Connection by R.G. Belsky (the kindle version is $10, or you might try finding it for $5 at your local B&N clearance table as well). It’s a fictional, journalistic thriller that centers around three murders that seem to have a calling card left at the scene that strongly suggests (with chilling evidence) that JFK wasn’t murdered by Oswald Chambers. It might sound lame, but I promise you that it’s not. I  managed to read this from cover-to-cover within a day and a half while still somehow still managing to semi-feed my kids and stuff. I.couldn’t.put.it.down. Just in full disclosure, it’s not a Christian book by any means… there are some curse words sprinkled throughout… but, I’m a biggie about no sex scenes or graphic violence in the books i read, so none of that here.


I’m halfway through a second book, and a few chapters into a third book as well. I’m always on the lookout for ideas, so send me your recommendations! Light/fluffy romance is good (clean, please!), as well as political thrillers (my fave!)… although, i’m trying to branch out into other genres as well. Both fiction and non-fiction… so, recommend away!



One thought on “February Book Review

  1. So I creep on all your posts and figured i better comment so it felt less creepy 🙂 i love the clearance section at B&N, my husband and bank account not so much. My favorite book I’ve read recently is The Visitors by Sally Beauman. It’s about a little girl who is sent to Egypt to recover from typhoid fever during the time that the hunt for King Tut’s tomb was going on. It’s fiction but I couldn’t put it down. You can get a used hardcover copy from http://www.thriftbooks.com for $4 right now and if you spend $10 they have free shipping.

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