DoTerra Essential Oils – Giveaway!

Ahhhhh, March. ❤ Seems to me like it’s the end of winter, and the promise of spring. Depending on where you live, it could look like a leftover cold front or perhaps you’re already acquainted with some pollen. Either one can be rough on your immune system. As a family, we try to support our immune systems naturally… we use herbal supplements, chiropractic care, vitamins, and essential oils.



We have two toddlers who are three and under, and although we get the occasional cold, they are few and far between. I’ve been amazed at how healthy my kids stay. They’re around other children often, yet never go to the pediatrician outside of routine checkups. I equate a big part of this success to diffusing essential oils in our home on a regular basis. Specifically, the DoTerra brand has done wonders in our family for calming upset stomachs, fighting off the flu, calming fussy babies, and clearing up congestion. In addition, I’ve found the more I use oils in everyday life, the stronger our immune systems are in warding off colds/bugs in the first place.



Meet my sweet friend, Meaghan. She’s a Christ-follower, wife, and mama to a sweet little boy on earth and darling little girl in heaven.


She is a kind, strong, encouraging, honest, and unbelievably sincere soul. The first time I spoke to her about oils, I remember being grateful when she asked me a few questions to help find out what I needed the most (oils for cleaning purposes, healing, calm atmosphere, productivity, etc.) and then found the correct oils for me. I can get confused and overwhelmed with all the options,  and she is great for answering all my questions about what oils can be diffused, used topically in lotion, and which oils are even safe to ingest. Getting packages from her in the mail doesn’t just mean getting the newest oil order… it means getting a handwritten card from a friend. It means sweet, personalized touches. It means getting a care package from one mama to another. ❤



And on that note… Meaghan has a care package for you, sweet readers and it’s giveaway-style. And, it is a heckuva generous care package. It includes:

*DoTerra Introduction Kit of lemon, lavender, and peppermint oils ($26.67 value !)

*DoTerra Hand & Body Lotion (unscented so you can use it with oils. $19.33 value!)



Winner will be announced Monday! Here’s how to enter:

-Follow Meaghan on instagram (@meaghangrable) and tag two friends in today’s post.

-Follow myself on instagram (@abbeydraablog) and tag two friends in today’s post.


In the meantime, consider Meaghan for your next oil order, or if you simply are interested in learning more about what oils can do for you and your family. She knows what she’s talking about. Her website is, where you can browse all the oils and related products she has available, plus you can email her through the website as well.


Happy Friday, friends! Head over to Instagram to enter today’s giveaway. Have a great weekend! ❤


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