What have I done all day?!

Is it just me (if not, please lie and say no for solidarity’s sake) or do any other moms go to bed at night wondering exactly what they accomplished that day? All I know is that the house is a wreck, the dishes are piled high, 37 loads of laundry need folding, and I’m falling into bed at 11pm (or midnight… okay, 3am) completely exhausted. WHAT HAVE I DONE ALL DAY?


It’s been a tough week at my house. All of the above and then some. On the plus side, I’ve learned that 1 cup of coffee = 1 hour of sleep… so there’s some helpful information for you (I had five cups of coffee yesterday, so I’ll let you do the math on how much sleep i got).


Well, dear mamas, i’ll let you in on a little pep talk I’m about to give myself.


You’re doing great.

What you’re doing matters.

It’s okay to feed your kids non-organic cheetos for lunch and nothing else.

He is enough… therefore, you are enough.

It’s okay to turn on Curious George for 2 hours so you can take a nap.

You’re a good mama.


Take a deep breath and keep trucking on, sweet friend… you’re not alone. ❤


…and on that note, here’s a picture of my kitchen floor covered in sprinkles. I’ll spare you a picture of the stack of napkins in each of the bathrooms because we’ve been without toilet paper for a full 24 hours since I forgot to put it on my grocery list and can’t bear the thought of dragging the kids to the store for only one thing.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset



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