Friday Favorites

Happy Fri-YAYYYYY! The weather in my neck-of-the-woods has been nothing short of perfect… crisp in the mornings, warm during the day, and a light breeze in the evening. Ahhhh, i love spring. It’s like a pre-summer. It’s like summer’s version of Christmas Eve (all the anticipation). Hahahaha.


Friday Favorites 01

It’s been awhile since I participated in the Friday Favorite’s linky party hosted by Andrea over at Momfessionals. Since our move, we’ve had our share of trips to the store to pick up all the random stuff you never realized you needed (SERIOUSLY, HOW DID I MOVE AND NOT END UP WITH A SINGLE PEN OR MAGNET?!)


Here’s a few recent favorite of mine from the last few weeks. Some were a couple dollars, and a few are priceless. 🙂


Downy Unstoppables

I know, I know… i’m late to the Unstoppables party. BUT NOW I CAN  FORGET MY LAUNDRY IN THE WASH FOR 2 DAYS AND IT STILL SMELLS FRESH. Y’all, that’s a game changer.  I picked up one of the small canisters at my grocery store for a few dollars, and it’s lasted about 15-20 loads already and still isn’t empty. Just sprinkle a little on top of the dirty clothes  in the washer and you’re done (you still have to use detergent too).



Magnetic Menu Board and Glass Magnets

We are now about 30 minutes from the closest Target (#FirstWorldProbs – I’m fully aware), but I snagged these 6 glass magnets in their Dollar Spot for $2, and the dry-erase magnetic menu/schedule board for $3.



Dish Towels

Dish towels are such a nice way to brighten up a kitchen. And this warm weather has me wanting alllll the colors. I found these towels at Wal-Mart for $2/ea and they are the best fabric for drying dishes/hands! They had tons of colors to choose from. I picked yellow and lime green.



Giant Nylon Frisbee

This was a $3 impulse buy in the Target Dollar Spot and it has been played with AT LEAST 3-4 hours I helped my toddler with learning to flick her wrist to throw it correctly, and now she is a pro… she LOVES seeing it fly across the backyard… and Baby Sister tries to copy her but all she does is hold it over her head and then thump it on the ground, hahaha. Best $3 ever.




My eyeshadow palettes were getting low, but i seriously hate how pricy makeup can be. Maybe it’s just the season of my life that I’m in… but it’s just so expensive! I’d much rather spend money in a Starbucks drive-thru or on toddler ruffle pants, hahaha. #MomLife

I bought all of the below at Target for $8 total. I’ve used ELF products before and have always been happy with them and can’t tell any difference from pricier brands… most all of their items cost between $1-$3/ea. The smokey eyes palette was a different brand called A COLOR that was only $0.99.



Sweet Friends Who Are More Like Sisters

This sweet card arrived out-of-the-blue in my mailbox and completely made my day… this sweet friend and I have been in each others’ lives for 15+ years, and she is such a gift to my life. We’ve been together through highschool, college, boyfriends, career changes, cross-country moves, engagements, weddings, and now we are mamas together. Remember my post on Girlfriends? Find your tribe, ladies!



Date Night

Fun fact about us… my husband and I met several years ago through a mutual friend at a large community swing dance we attended each month. We both LOVE to swing dance (think 1940’s/WWII era) and went again for a Date Night last week. Whew, i had forgotten what a workout swing dancing is! My siblings all dance as well, and my brother can even swing his dance partner into aerials… seriously, check this out as a fun, out-of-the-box Date Night. It’s a blast and really easy to learn!

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If you follow me on facebook or instagram (@AbbeyDraaBlog) then you might’ve seen my post about my cousin who has been joined with Jesus after a head-on-collision.

“I’ve never experienced any event so genuinely joyful, so beautifully peaceful, so sincerely hopeful in the fact that my cousin honored Jesus with a life well-lived in devotion to Him, and that we will all be reunited in Eternity because this world is truly not our home. Nobody ever plans on a head-on-collision, but may we live life always fully prepared to meet Him in an instant. She is missed more than anyone can articulate, but that didn’t stop yesterday from being all about the goodness of Jesus. He is enough, folks.” 

If you don’t know Jesus, I sure would love talk to you about Him. Shoot me an email at abbeydraa(at)gmail(dot)com.

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These two. “Sissy, you’re such a little Sweetie Muffin.”



Extra Snuggles

My girls have been extra cuddly this week… i’m not sure why, but i’m not asking any questions. I frequently hear “Mommy, would you like to get on the couch and cuddle with me?” Definitely a favorite from this week. ❤



Happy Friday, sweet friends! Enjoy your weekend! ❤




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