I’ve decided to start a new series called #OurFarmLifeFriday to document our life in the country. If nothing else, I’ll want to look back on the photos from this season and remember the little bare feet, the tan arms, the sparkling eyes, the giggles while petting goats, the tickle of horse noses on our hands, the wide open spaces, the fresh air, the long grass, and the even longer sun-streaked hair. I’ll want to remember how my oldest loved going for rides through the pasture in her great-grandfather’s truck, and how the baby flashed her biggest smiles for her great-grandmother (fun fact: she is named after this beautiful lady). ❤


“Horsey, you tum here wight now! You hear me? I have some gwass for you. Tum here, horsey!”




Sneaking away for afternoon milkshakes is our favorite. 




I also never want to forget how my oldest call goats “ba-ha-ha’s” and how the baby belly-laughs when they nuzzle her.




“Mommy, sissy and I very do love popsables (popsicles).”




there are roses EVERYWHERE. 




This man… and his tractor… are both bigger than life. 




“Sissy, i wuv you so much.”




They’ll eat any vegetable on earth, as long as they’re eating outside.







Enjoy a wonderful weekend, sweet mamas… get outside with your littles and soak up some sunshine and new memories. ❤


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