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We officially are a homeschooling family! I’m so grateful that my husband and I have always been on the same page and passionate about wanting to homeschool our children (in fact, both of us were homeschooled as well). I realize different lifestyles work for different families, and homeschooling is definitely the best fit for us.

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Our oldest daughter (4 years old) is pretty Type A and loves routines & schedules, so we decided it was time to start something semi-structured with her.

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She is thriving! Her little sister takes a 2-hour nap each morning, so it’s the perfect time for us to have some purposeful, one-on-one learning time together.

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During our one-on-one time, I try to focus on a little bookwork, and then some hands-on activities.

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I’m a big believer that the beauty of homeschooling is the realization that not everything needs to be bookwork nor does it need to be done in a formal, indoors setting. In fact, there’s the opportunity for it to include very little of either, in fact. Each child learns differently, so embrace a little trial-and-error at first to find what works best for your kids.

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Since my oldest is still so young, I try to watch for any signs of frustration or boredom while she’s doing her schoolwork, and immediately switch gears to something else if that occurs. I don’t feel like there’s any need in burning her out or giving her a bad taste about schoolwork at 4 years old. I want her to sincerely enjoy it and have fun with no pressure.

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We usually do about 15-20 pages in her Big Preschool Book (we’re almost ready for the Big Kindergarten Book. This is her favorite!), and then choose 2-3 other separate activities to work on:

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-Spelling tiles

-Flashcard games (we have several sets of flashcards – alphabet, numbers, etc.)

-I will read aloud to her

-Stringing beads

-Watching YouTube videos on different child musicians

-Coloring corresponding art pages to what we are learning


-Geography puzzle (we LOVE this one)

-Numbers games (Dominoes is a favorite!)

-Bible workbooks (i bought this bundle of workbooks off Zulily and we read the corresponding Bible verses before completing each page).

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We also go to our local library weekly to check out new books & videos that might correspond with any upcoming field trips we want to do.

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We went to the pumpkin patch & corn maze last week, so for the couple weeks leading up to that, we made sure to check out books and videos on how pumpkins grow, and a few corresponding crafts too.

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Our home is out in the country, so shopping/church/family/friends is a pretty decent drive away. If we are in the car for any length of time, I let the girls choose a video to watch. I try to keep a couple Spanish and Sign Language movies available, which has turned out to be some of their favorites. Some of these are specifically educational language videos, and others are simply full-length movies with the Spanish language option turned on (check your settings!). Check your library for language videos as well. We also sing and do sign language to a couple songs each night before bed.

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We also try to play lots of fun, educational games…

-Dominoes (teaches number sequence & matching)

-Boggle, Jr (teaches spelling)

-Chutes & Ladders (teaches counting)

-Candy Land (teaches colors)

-Spanish Bingo (teaches Spanish)

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All in all, i want this sweet little preschool time to be one that builds a foundation… one that shows how much fun it is to learn, and one that encourages curiosity, questions, and self-teaching. Everything is a learning experience… and it doesn’t have to be a “lets stop and talk about this for 20 minutes” type of thing… just enjoying little learning moments in day-to-day experiences. ❤

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If you are homeschooling, leave me a comment with some of your favorite tips!


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