About Me

Lover of Jesus.

Wife to my hunk-o’-burnin’-love, Joshua.

Mama to two sweet & spicy little girls.

Almost always in need of a shower (#MomLife).

Aspiring photographer.

Wannabe runner (will run for Nutella).

Drinker of coffee in any form imaginable (it sorta makes my life AND this blog possible).

Expert of roadtripping with 2 kids under 3 ( Josh travels for business about 40% of the year and we don’t like living life without him. #EngineerWifeLife )

Queen of yoga pants.


*Note to readers: Please don’t read this blog if your house is always clean or if you don’t believe in drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee. I’m afraid we won’t have much in common. 

Another note: If you’re a small business owner and interested in advertising on http://www.AbbeyDraa.com, shoot me an email at abbeydraa@gmail.com – I’d love to hear from you! 


Love this man.
Love this man.










Sugar Muffins.
our sweet Sugar Muffins.

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