Abbey Draa Photography

*All images are property of Abbey Draa and copyrighted. If you’re interested in more information on scheduling a photoshoot, please email me at, and leave a comment below that you’ve emailed me. 

“Abbey, you have been our favorite family photographer, and we loved working with you. Would love to have you take our pictures seasonally. You’re amazing!” —Debbie S.

“Love! What great pics!” —Brooke N.

“You have been my favorite photographer – the pictures are wonderful! So sad to hear you are moving to Atlanta. If you’re ever in Tulsa, and setting up photoshoots again, we will be ready to sign up!”—Emily W.

“I’m in love with the pictures of our little ones!” —Lindsey H.

“We had so much fun with the photoshoot, and the photos turned out amazing!” —Crystal S.

“The pictures are awesome! I can’t wait to post them to our website. You’re the best!” –Jennifer M. (local business owner)

“The pictures are nice and pretty!” –Ashley T.

“My daughter thought the pictures were well done, and I thought you did a great job. I’ll be calling on you again.” –Betty V.

“The pictures were excellent. Thank you for taking them.” –Will S.

“These are breathtaking! I LOVE them – You are so talented! Thanks again!”    –Jessica N.

“People see the pictures and keep asking me who did them… they are amazing!” –Karen S.

“I just got through looking through every photo and I am very happy with all the work you and your assistant did… the photos are priceless. I don’t think we could have asked for better photographers. Y’all captured literally every special moment at our wedding. I’ll be recommending you to a friend of mine who is getting married soon. Thank you again for everything!” –Colton C.

“Thank you for being so laid-back and amazing with our kiddos… our pictures are awesome! Can’t wait to use them for Christmas gifts. Thank you again! ” –Jessica A. 

“You are such a talented photographer… we LOVE the pictures!” —Tiffany H. 

“We love the pictures you took at the wedding. Thank you so much… you’re the best!” –Mark W.

“Thanks for working so hard and putting so much time into our family photos!” –Melody H.

“Thanks so much, Abbey! The pictures are gorgeous, and just what we envisioned.” –Tricia T.

“I love the photos, and can’t wait to schedule another photoshoot!” –Autumn C. 

Processed with VSCO




Processed with VSCO



































here comes the bride.






sugar, spice, and everything nice.











ringbearing responsibilities.


she leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes.











































childhood unplugged.



you will forever be my always.




it's going to be a night to remember.


with my whole heart, for my whole life.



save the last dance for me.



with my whole heart, for my whole life.




for this child, we have prayed.



with this





sweet little man.


it's a girl.



you're my favorite in the history of ever.




sweet little babycakes.


i've gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night.




though he is little, he is fierce.


family love.





oh, my baby love.



this little one's personality precedes her.



shaken, not stirred.





he's going places.




the good life.





no shoes, no shirt, no problem.


central park


she said yes.



tiny little toes.


new york city


are you gonna kiss me or not?



family lovin'.





it's alright. he can call me a flower if he wants to.




sister, i love you THIS much.




little hands, big love.







nothing sweeter than chubby baby hands.


happy feet.



grand cayman island.

Daddy love.




class of 2014.

autumn feet.
autumn feet.

















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