Personalized Burlap Pillows

I know it, my kids know it, my fellow mom-friends know it, my husband knows it (that’s the worst)… it’s no secret. The Target Dollar Aisle is my weakness. Last week, I found these little burlap pillows with black polka-dots on one side, and plain burlap on the other side. I also found packages of adhesive letters on the Dollar Aisle too. Ahhhhh! An idea was instantly born. I’ve had my eye on personalized pillows for quite some time, but I’m not about to pay full retail price for them (um, because #MortageAndTwoKidsInDiapers). I hurried home with my loot and these pillows were made in TEN MINUTES! The pillows were $3/ea, and I bought two packages of adhesive letters for $3/ea, so my grand total was $12… Boom! I was pretty pleased with how they turned out, and they’re the perfect addition to our master bedroom.







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