Giveaway winner is…

Hope you enjoyed your weekend! It was glorious weather here, and we tried to stay outside as much as we could. And how ’bout Daylight Savings Time?? #JustGimmeAllTheCoffee


As always, thank you for reading this little space of mine and participating in Meaghan’s giveaway over the weekend. It’s time to announce the winner!


Instagram handle @christinacwallace! 


Shoot me an email with your mailing address, @christinacwallace, and i’ll get over $45 in DoTerra oil products to you! My email is abbeydraa at gmail dot com. 🙂



Everyone, in the meantime, keep Meaghan in mind for your next oil order… some type of flu bug is making it’s rounds where I live, plus pollen season is right around the corner… OILS CAN HELP MANAGE THIS, AND KEEP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTED! Meaghan’s website is here, and you can also reach out to her on instagram (she has such a pretty insta feed and she’s not pushy at all about her business) at @MeaghanGrable.


Happy Monday, friends! ❤


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